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You must be wondering why I am here writing a review on makeup and hairstyle because I am a guy. Just wait till my story ends. You will surely love every bit of it.

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And I love my girlfriend. When you are in love with your girl, and you are completely head over heels for her, you just want her to be happy.

I can’t even imagine a life living without her. And it’s tough to even think about it. Anyway, I am in a relationship for almost two years, and I always want to show her how much I have a love for her.

Girls are always professional at surprising you and making you feel secure and loved, and sometimes you badly ant to return the favor. It’s not a favor, but you also want to make her feel special.

I know her a lot, but when it comes to surprising her, it’s tough to recognize her needs. I think the majority of women are crazy about makeup. And as we shifted only a month ago in San Bernardino, I was not aware of the ladies’ thing salon and all. My primary job was to find the best salon of makeup in San Bernardino.

The only person who was able to help me was my girlfriend, but unfortunately, I can’t go to her, so I decided to ask my friend’s girlfriend about the salon, and she did not believe that I will surprise her like that.

I thought of an idea that I will surprise her with makeup appointment and then will take her to the dinner.

It just for her and her beauty

My friend’s girlfriend helps me out to find the best salon for makeup in San Bernardino, and she even booked the appointment on my behalf me because I thought I would look suspicious. Anyway, she helped me out to surprise her.

She gave me a card where it was written to be there at four and the name of the salon was written she asked me to hand over that card to my girlfriend. I put that card on the side table and in the morning she saw that card and asked me about it. I said you better went and figured it out on your own.

She called her friend to come with her. Making it short, she visited the salon and got her party makeup done, and when she went out of the salon, I was there waiting right in front of the salon to say how she’s looking.

I asked her about her experience, and she said the girl Lara was so good and she was treating her very nicely. She said the makeup artist was continuously asking me about how I wanted things to turn out.

According to her, she had a great time, and the experience was fantastic, and she booked her for her manicure and pedicure lol.

Thank you so much, Lara, for making my girl more beautiful and adding colors to our date. I can’t thank her enough. She loved her makeup, and so did I.

Dr. Kallis

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